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EDGY Tools

EDGY 23 is an Open Source tool for collaborative Enterprise Design. Intersection Group provides a collection of tools, both developed with our member community and made by partners. Many of these tools are available for free, or included for free in otherwise commercial licenses. Those tools help you with facilitating workshops, modelling EDGY diagrams or storing your enterprise elements in a repository.

More and more tools will be made available over time, we encourage you to download them and try them out to see what value they add to your work.

EDGY 23 Documentation

You can download the EDGY 23 Language Foundation specification as a PDF or order it as an A4 landscape softcover book.


Download the PDF version

Read online Get the book

EDGY 23 Stencils

EDGY for Miro

Use this template in the Miroverse to create a collaborative whiteboard with EDGY stencils and example maps.

EDGY Stencils for Miro

Use EDGY in Miro

EDGY for and Confluence

Draw EDGY maps using the free diagramming software You can also use the Atlassian Confluence as a repository for storing your EDGY elements and link them to your EDGY maps, using the app for Confluence. Use the Intersection Railways example maps as a starting point to draw your own EDGY maps using the diagramming software

EDGY Stencils for diagrams EDGY Example maps for

Download EDGY stencils / example maps

EDGY for Google Slides and PowerPoint

Use your favourite presentation software to draw EDGY maps.

EDGY Presentation Slides Template

Download the EDGY slidedeck templates


Import the EDGY shapes and icons to your favourite drawing software.


Download the EDGY SVG shapes

Partner Tools

Intersection Group works with Solution Partners to make EDGY available in commercial enterprise software tools. If you are interested in such a partnership, please get in touch with us.

QualiWare support

QualiWare provides a cloud based Enterprise Architecture management environment. Modelling repository content with EDGY 23 is supported and delivered out of the box with the full commercial license.

EDGY in QualiWare

Learn more about EDGY with QualiWare


EDGY is not alone: in practice, it will be used together with other methods, approaches and tools. Here we provide mappings to use it together with complimentary tools and develop an integrated approach.

EDGY and ArchiMate®

This mapping allows combining EDGY with ArchiMate®, an open and independent modelling language for Enterprise Architecture developed by The Open Group®. It is supported by different tool vendors, and can be used to create EDGY maps using its built-in specialisation mechanism.

EDGY and ArchiMate®

Learn more about EDGY and ArchiMate®