From Enterprise Design with EDGY


EDGY supports the expression of a complex interplay of enterprise elements with just four base elements, and their specialisation into twelve facet and intersection elements. Combining just a select subset is sufficient to map out and co-create enterprise configurations for typical challenges related to the facets.

There are cases where it makes sense to further differentiate an element used according to the specific challenge or to highlight certain metrics related to the element. To support such a need, EDGY uses labels that can be added to an element and indicate additional information about it.

There are two kinds of labels to add to any EDGY element:


Tags differentiate elements based on a set of values, such as an asset of type "machine" or "data" or a channel being "physical" or "digital"


Metrics add a quantity or quality to an element that can be measured or otherwise determined, such as a performance or satisfaction indicator.

Suggested labels

EDGY comes with pre-defined suggestions for labels for each element that have been proven to be valuable in certain design challenges. They are listed at the corresponding element pages.

You are encouraged to extend the set of labels to tailor it to your specific context - but be careful to keep it small and concise.