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The means people use to engage and interact with us.


Channels are the means of communication between people and the enterprise. They are where moments of interaction between people and the enterprise take place. They includes media, devices, communication systems, or physical environments used to facilitate interactions.

Channel Map

EDGY Channel Map / Touchpoint Map

Depicting a classification by tagging. Also known as Touchpoint Map.


  • An airline uses an instant messenger app to communicate with their customers synchronously, helped by an inbound call centre.
  • An insurance company operates physical stores to sell printed tickets to use their services.
  • A tech company builds a virtual Metaverse presence to interact with their job candidates.


  • Get an overview of where/how people interact with the enterprise or each other and make them connect.
  • Manage channels as part of engagement strategies, such as cross-channel or omni-channel engagement.
  • Trace journeys across physical and digital channels, and optimise products and brands for preferred media and environments.

Base element


Suggested labels

  • digital, physical, hybrid (tag)
  • full control, shared control, influence, no control (tag)
  • synchronous, asynchronous (tag)
  • automated, manual, hybrid (tag)
  • usage (metric)
  • cost (metric)