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Enterprise Design Facets


The impact through interactions the enterprise has on people and their lives.

People see and interact with an enterprise only through its concrete manifestations, such as products, places (real and virtual), employees, messages and websites. These interactions are part of people's experience as they go about their activities and pursue their ambitions. The experience facet defines an enterprise as a space in which people experience these concrete manifestations. People compare an enterprise's promises with their real-life experience of what it actually delivers. What matters to them is not how things work internally, but the impact their interactions with an enterprise have on their lives, fulfilling their tasks, their well-being and state of mind.


An enterprise...

  • designs its office space and a set of internal tools to impact the work experience of its employees.
  • impacts the experience of anyone who visits them at their public spaces (visitor spaces, shops, meeting rooms, ...).
  • markets a product to help customers with a set of their tasks, which becomes part of their user experience.
  • provides support for their products and services to impact the customer experience.


  • Understand the enterprise from the perspective of people, to explore and design their experiences.
  • Design better products by looking at the way people use them and the quality of the resulting experience.
  • Support an entire customer journey from being aware of a need to its fulfilment using a product or service.
  • Improve how employees experience their work by addressing their needs and expectations.
  • Look at a brand from the experience perspective of all people addressed.