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Enterprise Design Facets


The area where two facets overlap forms a lens of its own, which we call an intersection. These intersections focus on how the two overlapping facets, and their corresponding disciplines, interact and influence each other. The enterprise elements in the intersections function as bridges between common perspectives, connecting and aligning concepts from the otherwise isolated disciplines of today:


How do we organise ourselves as teams? How do we work together?

People that work together need ways to organise their collaboration. They shape their shared identity by forming organisations, defining teams, roles and responsibilities, structured as a working architecture.


What do we make and offer to people? What is the result of our work? What is the value these results create for people?

Our architecture enables the creation of our products and shapes people's experience when using those products, and the value they derive from that.


How are we being perceived? What is our reputation and image when people are in touch with us or our products?

Our identity is perceived by people through their experience with our enterprise. Our brand reflects our identity as it is perceived in people’s experience.