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Enterprise Elements

Facet and Intersection Elements

The facets provide three fundamental perspectives on the enterprise. Each facet references five enterprise elements: three facet elements, and two intersection elements at the overlap (intersections) with the neighbouring facets. All elements are derived from the common set of base elements.


Our enterprise establishes shared stories communicated through content to live up to and achieve given purposes. This identity is pursued by its organisation and evoked by the perception of its brands


Employees and other people, together with assets, perform processes to enable capabilities. They are developed by its organisation and are required to make and deliver the products it offers.


People interact with the enterprise via channels along their journeys to complete their tasks.  Enterprises reach out to people through their brands, and make products to be offered to them. 

List of elements

  • purpose: A reason why an enterprise exists and what people pursue and believe in.
  • story: The way we make sense of our enterprise and communicate to people what it does.
  • content: What is being communicated to people.
  • organisation: A group of people working together.
  • capability: What we are able to do by orchestrating people and assets.
  • process: A set of related activities our enterprise carries out.
  • asset: An object we need and use to perform our capabilities.
  • product: What we make, offer and deliver for people's benefit.
  • task: What people want to achieve and get done.
  • journey: The events and activities people experience in their lives.
  • channel: The means people use to engage and interact with us.
  • brand: Our name and what it stands for.