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A reason why an enterprise exists and what people pursue and believe in.


An enterprise's purpose expresses what its people believe in, consider valuable, and are striving for, usually expressed as outcomes/goals the enterprise aspires to achieve. These ambitions can range from local success to far-reaching outcomes that impact society, humanity or the planet. The purpose acts as a shared 'north star' people can use to find inspiration and motivation in, and align their activities with. People outside the enterprise use information about its purpose to decide if and how to interact with it.

The purpose of an enterprise can be expressed as content that explains what the enterprise wants to achieve.

Purpose Map

EDGY Purpose Map / Strategy Map / Goal Portfolio

Depicting a tree relationship. Also known as Strategy Map, Goal Map or Goal Portfolio.


  • An enterprise makes the best doohickies in the world - that's all they focus on.
  • Another enterprise is an NGO that seeks to promote the rights of a specific minority group.
  • Yet another enterprise aspires to help humanity colonise Mars by 2050.
  • A public hospital seeks to provide everyone with the care they require.
  • A technology company wants to make use of the latest innovations in engineering.


  • Establish a shared sense of what we are there for, and why we exist.
  • Connect people's activities and individual contributions to the greater purpose to be pursued.
  • Provide clear guidance about what's considered of value and what isn't.
  • Provides guidelines for decision-making across the enterprise.
  • Clarify the intended purpose behind more tactical/low-level goals.

Base element


Suggested Labels

  • high level/society, operational (tag)
  • now, short term, long term (tag)
  • achievement rate (metric)