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What is being done or going on in our enterprise or its ecosystem.


An activity represents something happening that is relevant to our enterprise. It can be something done by people individually or collectively, such as work, sports, or performances, for example. An activity can also be used to refer to something that simply happens, without specifying who is doing what. There are many events or processes unfolding within our enterprise that are relevant in themselves, without having to specify any actors involved. Activities capture the behaviours and movements of our enterprise. This enables us to model and map the dynamic nature of our enterprise and its organisation(s).

Activity Map

EDGY Activity Map / Roadmap / Activity Model / Project Plan

Depicting a flow relationship. Also known as Activity Model, Project Plan or Roadmap.


  • A car manufacturer describes the automated and manual activities needed to produce a car.
  • An inbound call centre describes how agents can handle customer calls.
  • Two partnering companies work together and decide each one's contribution as a set of activities.
  • The police department defines the set of allowed activities of the officer in case of given violent events.


  • Provide your vision as a future story.
  • Try to understand customer behaviour by modelling journeys.
  • Understand and design what people or machines are (supposed to be) doing.
  • Map collaboration, processes and who does what.
  • Develop roadmaps or other planning documents.


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