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A set of related activities our enterprise carries out.


Processes are the flows of activities needed for product creation (either directly or indirectly). They transform a set of inputs into a set of products or intermediary outputs and consist of a set of activities that are performed in coordination in an organisational or technical environment. A process is composed of activities connected by flow relationships. It can be strictly structured (the sequence/flows stay more or less the same in every process instance) or less structured (activities may be omitted, the sequence/flows can vary). Processes can run across several organisational units or can be performed within one organisational unit only.

Well-designed processes lead to enterprises that operate efficiently and effectively across all required organisational units.

Process Map

EDGY Process Map / Process Model / Process Chart

Depicting tree and flow relationships. Also known as Process Model or Process Chart.


  • A car company has largely automated their production process.
  • An insurance provider treats incoming claims in a structured fashion.
  • A government lab engages citizens to contribute to public innovation as a non structured process.
  • A software company uses agile methods to manage their development process.


  • Engineer operations for efficiency.
  • Design the interplay between organisational units.
  • Design flows of data or physical objects.
  • Establish a continuous improvement of processes.
  • Define end-to-end process ownership.

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  • internal, shared (tag)
  • structured, non-structured (tag)
  • manual, automated, hybrid (tag)
  • automation degree (metric)
  • cost (metric)