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Enterprise Elements

Base Elements

At the intersection of all three facets, four generic base elements allow us to capture what is happening in an enterprise and its ecosystem, without focusing on a particular facet or intersection perspective:

people perform activities, using and creating objects to achieve outcomes.

Everything that goes on in and around enterprises can be described with those base elements only. They are the shared vocabulary that underpins the facet and intersection elements.

This classification of enterprise elements is inspired by the FBS Ontology [5]: outcomes represent an enterprise's actual or desired function, activities represent its behaviour over time, and objects represent the way it is enabled by structures.

List of elements

  • people: The individuals co-creating the enterprise or using products.
  • outcome: A result or change that occurs within our enterprise or its ecosystem.
  • activity: What is being done or going on in our enterprise or its ecosystem.
  • object: A structure that is relevant to the enterprise.