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Enterprise Elements | Relationships


A meaningful structural association between two elements.

A link expresses a structural relationship between two elements in terms that explain or illustrate the relevance of that relationship to the enterprise.

Core links

EDGY provides a rich and expressive vocabulary, including twenty-four pre-defined types of links. Using these links will enable co-designers from different disciplines to better communicate and connect their specialised designs across their disciplines.

Facet core links




Intersection core links

Product / Experience

Product / Architecture

Organisation / Identity

Organisation / Architecture

Brand / Identity

Brand / Experience

Mapping elements with core links

EDGY Mapping with Core Links (example)


In addition to the pre-defined core links, EDGY allows designers to bypass this model by defining custom links between elements. This creates a shortcut which can be broken down into several core links.

EDGY Elements: Shortcut Links


Shortcuts can be used to enrich the model further and tailor the language for specific design challenges. Designers should be aware, however, that the more custom links they introduce, the harder it will become to communicate and connect their designs to other disciplines.